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Vendors World Music Festival


Saveurs D'Afrique

​​ Vendors Regulations

Tastes Of Africa

Who is eligible to apply?

Applicants must be a year-round and/or seasonal operation with proven festival operational experience. Applicants must have all necessary licenses and insurance. The owner takes full legal responsibility for participation and is the party for whom all transactions will be conducted.


I-General Requirements/Provisions


*VENDOR acknowledges and agrees that they are not an agent or employee of TOA. TOA and VENDOR are fully independent and non-affiliated entities and nothing in these regulations shall be construed to constitute the relationship between VENDOR with TOA as a partnership, association, master/servant or joint venture.

*VENDOR is solely responsible for complying with all federal, state and local laws, including, but not limited to, tax laws. Additionally, VENDOR agrees to comply with any applicable health, safety and/or fire rules and regulations.
No provision contained in these regulations may be changed, modified, or altered except by an instrument approved, in writing, by TOA.

*No discrimination for reasons of race, religion, sex, age or country of national origin shall be permitted or authorized by VENDOR.

*TOA is the sole and exclusive owner of all rights, title and interest in and to the Tastes of Africa Festival logo. No VENDOR is permitted to use the  Festival logo without specific written approval.
Nothing in this document shall be interpreted to confer any exclusive rights including, but not limited, the exclusive right to sell any individual product or service. TOA reserves the right to sell any product and/or have more than one vendor sell the same or similar products or services.

*VENDORS and its staff, employees, volunteers, contractors, and agents shall leave the Festival grounds in the condition in which it was provided. This means that VENDORS shall not damage the facilities, buildings, trees, pavement, and other property located on the Festival grounds or other County Property.

*TOA reserves the right to inspect, at any time and without cause, any vehicle, tent, area or space (to specifically include all items, packages, etc.) on Festival Grounds.

*TOA shall provide VENDORS access to the Festival grounds during the following times for set-up:    8AM-11AM


*VENDORS must check in with Festival representative before setting up.

 *VENDORS must be open for service during the following periods:
 12:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. 

*VENDORS will have access to Festival grounds starting at 8:30 p.m. for tear-down


II- Security

 VENDOR and/or their staff are solely responsible for the storage of all items and/or products. TOA is NOT responsible for any items and/or products left unattended or unsecured.


  III.   Vehicle Access/Deliveries

 Vehicles will only be allowed to drive on Festival grounds during set-up times only.

Saturday 8 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.

 Vehicles may NOT park, idle, or block roadways being used by Festival patron shuttles at anytime. If an unauthorized vehicle is found in violation, the owner will be asked to remove it immediately. Failure to remove a vehicle will result in a parking ticket and the vehicle being towed.

 All equipment and materials must be removed from  Festival grounds by 10 p.m. Sunday.

 At TOA’s sole discretion, some vehicles for food vendors only  may be permitted to remain on site during the Festival. If an unauthorized vehicle is found on the grounds, the owner will be asked to remove it immediately. Failure to remove a vehicle will result in the vehicle being towed. Food Vendors only are allowed one vehicle; this does not include a trailer if it is in the serving area. The vehicle is not to be larger than a standard box truck. If permitted, vehicles must be parked and secured so that they are not readily accessible to the patrons and/or guests.

 FOOD TRUCKS  will receive one parking pass per vending location to park in a designated area near the Festival. All other vehicles will need to be parked in Festival general parking.


VENDORS are responsible for damages caused by their staff, employees, volunteers, contractors, or agents.
VENDORS must notify and make prior arrangements with TOA for deliveries of equipment, food or tents.


IV- Utility Connections


TOA WILL NOT provide access to electrical power on Festival grounds.


TOA WILL NOT  also provide access to water.


VENDORS shall be permitted to use only electrical service of the nature and amount as approved by (EX: Cell phone).
 VENDORS specifically acknowledge and agree that TOA shall have no liability for any claims whatsoever relating to the provision of electrical power or for any failure to provide electrical power.


 V- Conduct


VENDORS and their employees, staff, volunteers, contractors, or agents are prohibited from taking any action that would be inconsistent or in violation of any State of Maryland Liquor Permit that TOA or any other party/sponsor may have obtained including, but not limited to, providing their own alcoholic beverages on the Festival grounds.

The Festival is intended to have a family atmosphere and to be appropriate for Montgomery County residents, guests and other visitors. As such, VENDORS and/or their employees, staff, volunteer, contractor or agent shall be prohibited from engaging in any conduct, action, gestures or language that would be inappropriate in such a setting.

TOA reserves the right to request removal of items including pictures, posters, billboards, merchandise and other items used, worn or sold by VENDOR and/or its employees, staff, volunteer, contractor or agent if, in TOA’s sole discretion, the material is not appropriate and/or conducive to the family atmosphere of the Festival or violates any rules and/or regulations of  the Festival.


VI.  Weapons/Hazardous Materials


VENDORS and their staff, employees, volunteers, contractors, and agents are prohibited from carrying in a concealed manner or otherwise bringing onto Festival grounds any firearms, knives, stun guns, tasers or any other item that may be used as a weapon.

VENDORS and their staff, employees, volunteers, contractors, and agents are prohibited from bringing toxic, poisonous or hazardous substances onto the Festival grounds. TOA, in its sole discretion, shall determine what constitutes a toxic, poisonous or hazardous substance.


VII.  Approval of Vendors


Only pre-approved VENDORS are permitted on Festival grounds. No VENDOR may assign, delegate, share or transfer their right and/or ability to participate in the Festival without prior written approval from TOA

 VENDORS acknowledge that TOA makes no representations and/or warranties regarding anticipated sales or sales opportunities.


VIII.   Approval of Products


TOA, in its sole discretion, shall have final approval over all products and the prices at which the products are sold.


All products sold by VENDORS must have been included on the original application; any additions must be approved, in writing, before the Festival by TOA. VENDOR is prohibited from selling and/or displaying any item or product that would be inconsistent with the products/items previously approved by TOA.
 Additionally, VENDOR is prohibited from selling any product/item that would be inconsistent with any sponsorship agreement that TOA may have with any third party.


IX- Trash and Recycling


TOA shall provide food VENDORS with designated recycling and composting receptacles.

TOA requires that VENDORS make all efforts to recycle any recyclable materials and compost any food waste.

VENDORS are responsible for breaking down and stacking cardboard and will bag all trash and/or place in proper receptacles.

VENDORS will not leave trash in any walkways or other areas that Festival guests will use. All trash should either be taken to dumpsters or put in locations outside the public areas.


X.   Cancellation/Suspension of Operation or Evacuation


In the event that TOA cancels the Festival and such cancellation occurs on or before the 90th day prior to the start of the Festival, TOA will refund the full amount of any rent fees previously paid by VENDOR. 

For cancellations by TOA or for cancellations by VENDORS occurring after the 90th day prior to the start date of the Festival, TOA may, at their sole discretion, refund any  fees.

TOA, in its sole discretion, may suspend Festival operations or order an evacuation in the event of a weather related situation or any situation that may expose any official, employee, volunteer, resident, or guest to any property damage, bodily injury, death, or civil strife of any kind. In the event that TOA temporarily suspends Festival operations, VENDORS agree to the following:

VENDORS and their employees, staff, volunteers, agents, contractors shall immediately discontinue sales of products and leave the Festival grounds. Those remaining on Festival grounds assume all liability for personal injury or damage to property resulting from remaining on Festival grounds.

TOA will not provide a refund, nor will TOA be responsible for a diminution or loss in revenue, due to a suspension in operation, cancellation or closure. In the event that the suspension of operation causes a prolonged closure, as solely defined by TOA, TOA may, at its own discretion, provide a refund to VENDORS.


XI- Food Vendor Requirements

Food VENDORS must be in compliance with regulations set forth by the Montgomery County Health Department. Failure to comply could result in closure of the food area.

Food VENDORS need to supply their own food-grade water.

No grey water or grease is to be dumped on County property, Festival grounds or into streams; please use receptacles provided or remove from Festival grounds.

Food VENDORS need to supply their own fire extinguishers and shall maintain at least one operable fire extinguisher at each VENDOR location.

Food VENDORS must post food prices at the front of their areas in a manner visible to patrons of the Festival. Food VENDORS shall notify TOA of their planned food offerings and prices on original applicatiype your paragraph here.